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Due to schedule issues and college, we lack a proper staff. As such, Metastuck Tumblr Adventue is ending. You have my apologies, and I hope you can have fun reading Homestuck when it resumes.


— MSPAForums [MSF] began pestering Tumnlr [TMB] at 8:22 —

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MSPAF: Talk to Tumblr

You’re off to pester your potential future chum, Tumblr.


MSPAF: Begin the madness

The angrier of the three is far too much of a train wreck to even consider approaching at this point in time, and the more baffled one would take too long to explain it to.

So the answer to that question is obvious! You really should not have even asked it in the first place.

>MSPAF: Talk to Tumblr

MSPAF: Retrieve the disc.

It reads “SBURB.”

You’ve had this for a while, but have not had the time to try it out! Nor the attention of any of the people you’d like to try it with. Your initial mentioning of the Holy Disc were met with naught but farts, claims that they were too busy, or even questions of what SBURB was!

You take a moment to calm yourself.

But perhaps now that everyone seems to have lost hope, you could shine Hussie’s light onto their lives and be friends with them all! Yes, that sounds amazing! You’re getting goose bumps.

But who to start with?

>MSPAF: Begin the madness

MSPAF: Look in your closet.


You have no idea how this didn’t occur to you sooner, but the instant it does you could almost faint from the sheer exhilaration associated with it as an idea.

You open your closet/Shrine to Nobody in Particular, and reach out to grab a case which contains but a single disc.

>MSPAF: Retrieve the disc.